Since 1998 World Trust has produced films and learning modules that support and inspire people to understand social inequities through the lens of race—for the purpose of building more equitable relationships, communities and institutions.

Our documentary films address the historical causes and effects of racism, the societal impact of unconscious racial bias, and the implications for future generations.

Watch a clip from our film in progress: "Healing Justice: Cultivating a World of Belonging".

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World Trust offers Racial Equity Learning modules (REL) that support transformative learning while promoting institutional change. REL offers opportunities for self-discovery and collaboration that lends itself toward collective action.

We engage in building community, using the arts, honoring global indigenous wisdoms and providing learning resources - all of which develop critical thinking skills and new ways of perceiving bias and racial inequity.

As we review messages shaped by history, power, economics, and culture, we put race in the center of our intersectional analysis.

A resource for educators, trainers and leaders, REL is a new way to deepen the conversation around race and equity.

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Every World Trust workshop, presentation and keynote is customized to address the specific issues, needs and aspirations of the organizations we work with.

Our mission is to provide transformative educational experiences that deconstruct the system of racial inequity, allowing new ideas and narratives on race to emerge.

We create environments that promote justice and healing while fostering a culture of respect and belonging.

Participants gain a practical framework for understanding and deconstructing systemic racial inequities, enabling positive dialogue and engagement in processes of institutional change.

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zootopia 4“What we learned from Dr. Shakti Butler and World Trust’s film Cracking the Codes had a profound effect on the entire story-telling team behind Zootopia. She led us in an honest and authentic conversation that opened our eyes to the potential of what our film could say. It not only changed, but also forever deepened the way we approached bias and stereotype. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Butler and her invaluable voice in Zootopia.”

- Jared Bush (writer & co-director of Disney's Zootopia)

Facilitators & Trainers

Shakti Butler, PhD

Shakti Butler, PhD, is Founder and President of World Trust Educational Services. Shakti is an inspirational facilitator, trainer and lecturer who is sought after by schools, universities, public and private organizations, and faith-based institutions. Dr. Butler has produced four documentaries: The →


Ginny Berson

Ginny Z Berson runs Justice and Community, an independent consultng company working to further social justice and build community. She spent 30 years working in public/community radio including Vice President & Director of Federation Services for the National Federation of →


Dia Penning

Dia Penning, in addition to being a facilitator, serves as the Director of Curriculum & Education for World Trust.  Dia designs Racial Equity Learning Modules, which offer transformative and creative ways for educators to engage people in community building and learning →


Amikaeyla Gaston

Amikaeyla Gaston is a force for change. She creates environments that support people in exploring themselves with the openness of childhood. She uses creativity and strategic questioning to support people in addressing their fears, developing a place where everyone has →


Ericka Huggins

Ericka Huggins wants to explore hearts. As a former Black Panther Party member, political prisoner, and human rights advocate, she brings a legacy of spiritual activism and social justice to her teaching. For 30 years, Ericka has lectured throughout the →


Linda Handy

Linda Handy connects local issues with international movements. Whether it’s in Detroit, Tuscaloosa, or Portland, she can draw a parallel between local challenges and those around the globe. Linda seeks to transform unjust conditions into new opportunities for social, racial, →


Tammy Johnson

This week we’d like you to learn a bit more about Tammy Johnson, another of the great new diversity workshop facilitators here at World Trust. Tammy has been a dedicated civil rights activist her entire life, inspired by the civil →


The response from this year’s 2016 Summer of #JusticeandHealingNOW, our series of free film clips,on justice and healing has been tremendous! Hundreds of thousands have watched the clips and reflected on the questions we offer to support your conversations with friends, family, colleagues and community. Together, one conversation at a time, we can help create a future where justice, healing and belonging is the norm.

Did you see each clip? Check out this summer and last summer’s clips by clicking below:

Summer of Justice and Healing NOW-flyer-PURPLE (4)Summer of Justice and Racial Healing-blue-v3-2

going viral

Have you seen our clip from Cracking the Codes that went VIRAL with over 23 million views? Our films and clips have a unique popularity that makes them powerful resources. We need your support as we work on our new film “Healing Justice”.

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