Yvette Murrell

Trainer & Consultant

Yvette Murrell is a powerfully gifted facilitator and dynamic change agent with a gentle, nurturing, encompassing and direct style. She delves deeply into systemic issues that contribute to the call for restorative justice and opens a team’s vision of what is possible when elevated to a space of healing. Yvette has a unique and warm ability to guide each person toward accessing and expanding their best selves so that they can do their most purposeful work in the world. These critical times we are in implore us to bring our highest and best selves to the global table.

Yvette has a multifaceted background in business, education, nonprofits and the creative arts. She is the co-founder and director of three companies: Professional Development Inc., a corporate consulting firm; Peer Solutions, an educational consulting firm; and Creative Authors of Shared Humanity, a nonprofit and performing arts consulting firm.

At Professional Development, Inc., Ms. Murrell prepared and conducted highly engaging six-day transformational seminars on diversity in the workplace to clients such as Motorola, Dow Chemical, Hewlett Packard, NYNEX, Westinghouse, Mobil, DuPont, SBC Communications, and Corestate Financial. She designed and delivered training programs on topics such as aligning your vision with your work and understanding the dynamics of power for numerous clients including SC Johnson Wax, Marquette University, MANPOWER, The Milwaukee Women’s Center, and Wisconsin Dept. of Youth Corrective Sanctions.

At Peer Solutions, Yvette Murrell designed a restorative justice program that was delivered in nearly 30 high schools and community centers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Over the course of five years, more than 3,500 participants engaged in her restorative practices and conflict resolution programming. Due to the curriculum that she designed and implemented and the student-led Restorative Practices circles that she established and facilitated, schools saw reduced suspensions and an improvement in the school culture. Her learning and practices continue to be successfully implemented and expanded throughout the Milwaukee school system.

At Creative Authors for Shared Humanity, Yvette was a co-founder, co-organizer, and performer in Playback Milwaukee Theatre Company, a performing arts company. She organized theatre productions for community-building and produced workshops and residencies in storytelling for schools, churches, neighborhood groups, and non-profit organizations. Also while at Creative Authors, she delivered anti-oppression and liberation workshops for nonprofits across the nation. Her work in this area is based on the work of Dr. Leticia Nieto, and specifically her book “Beyond Inclusion, Beyond Empowerment, a Developmental Strategy for the Liberation of Everyone.”

On the personal front, Yvette believes in laughter, organic Fair-Trade, extra-dark chocolate with sea salt, and Oneness! She plays with these identities: twin, mother, facilitator, artist, alchemist, and writer. She recently relocated to Seattle, WA.