What makes us effective?

We build a environment of trust in our workshops so that authentic conversation can happen, and so that stakeholders are open to hearing perspectives that are not their own.  We believe that step of building community is a critical component of change, equal to intellectual understanding of racism. Without it participants have less personal stake in the outcome, and with this step a sense of hope, connection, healing and possibility emerges. We also employ framing, to take the focus off of individuals and put it on to the system of inequity, where it belongs.

We use the power of film as catalyst for dialogue. Powerful personal stories from our acclaimed documentaries serve as a catalyst for conversation and transformative learning.

Participants receive the tools to move beyond the personal guilt/pain associated with social inequity into analysis and critical thinking needed to support change. Personal experience, cultural norms, structures and policies all lie within an inter-related system of inequity that can be invisible to individuals of goodwill. We teach a simple framework for understanding of this complex system of racial inequity.  Having this shared understanding helps participants to avoid or work through the situations where they get stuck looking at inequity as a personal or interpersonal issue, it can broaden the points of entry into the issue and can shift the challenge from “changing people” to “changing policy and systems.” Learn more about avoiding blame, shame and pain.

Communication and healing are essential components. Being in adversarial, competitive roles is second nature to many of us. Yet individual cultivation of emotional intelligence, self-awareness and non-judgement is integral to building a thriving multi-cultural environment.  In our diversity workshops, through dialogue and reflection, we work to move participants beyond right and wrong, agree and disagree, and to build the capacity of individuals to hold ones own values and those of others.

Our work supports spiritual growth. For clients that desire it, our workshops can include contemplative exercises that invite participants to access their personal connection to humanity and a higher source, that personal well of compassion.  We believe this connection helps us to cultivate the practices of love-in-action and respect: kindness, non-judgment, compassion, deep listening.

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