Workshop Testimonials

What People Are Saying …

“Shakti exceeded my expectations because she looked at the issues going on here on campus and she tailored her presentation specifically to us. I was not expecting that. We learned more about ourselves thru her lens.”

– Humboldt State

“Shakti Butler led a group of 70 pediatricians-in-training through several clips of the video and an inspirational public discussion of racism and issues of difference with applicability in the health care setting. The audience participants raved about both the content and the conditions that Dr. Butler created for the exploration and analysis of these often-taboo topics.”

– Dr. Melanie Tervalon, Consultant, Children’s Hospital, Oakland; University of California, Berkeley

“Thank you once again for the outstanding presentation and workshop that you provided for students, faculty and staff of Agnes Scott as well as Spelman College and Emory University. As one student stated, ‘What a fabulous, emotional day! Thank you.’ For a second straight year, your presentation and workshop evaluations are excellent!”

– Isa D. Williams, Ph.D., Program Director, The Atlanta Semester, Agnes Scott College

“Senior staff understanding that things they say and do have impact. How they participate in unconscious bias. How they create a system of structural exclusion—senior staff really learned some stuff and left with understanding of work to do on themselves. Exceeded expectations”

– Monterey Bay Aquarium

“Her grace and her level of expertise and knowledge of content and the way that she connects with individuals and groups is so phenomenal. She takes really difficult content and conversation and makes it attainable to all audiences. She was awesome.”

– The Denver Foundation