Racial Equity Learning Modules DVDs

System Requirements
PowerPoint 2008 or newer
Adobe Acrobat Reader

My computer will not open the files on the DVD.
We have learned that some PC computers do not recognize the Powerpoint and PDF files on our cross-platform disc. Instead the computer may prompt you to install Corel DRAW or other software. If this happens, please contact us  and we will send you a replacement disc that will work with your PC.
NOTE: Effective 10/29/2014 We have placed orders for the DVD-PC version on “back-order” while we resolve this issue. Thank you for your patience!

The World Trust video clips won’t play in the PowerPoint presentation.
With older versions of PowerPoint, you may find that the video clips do not load automatically. If this happens to you, before presenting, please be sure to manually insert the clip, from the module’s Assets folder, into the PowerPoint slide. On PowerPoint slides that feature a video clip, the clip name can be found in the notes section below the slide. Insert the video into the slide by selecting Insert>Movie (or Video).  Taking this step will ensure a seamless presentation. Updating Flash may also help:

External links (to videos on YouTube or other websites) in the PowerPoint don’t work.
For eternal links to function, PowerPoint must be in Presenter mode and you must also be connected to the internet.  Be sure to test the WiFi in your presentation location.

Facilitator Guides will not open.
To open these PDF documents, check to make sure you have a current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader: