Engaging All People in Diversity & Inclusion

engaging_whites_in_diversityRacial equity and diversity education is something that benefits all people, not simply those of color. An important part of our work involves galvanizing white participants as allies in healing and change.

If you’re struggling to engage participants who feel that racial equity education does not apply to them, these tools may help.



Ideas and Resources

Use the support of white role models. White people who have already committed themselves to racial justice can be a missing piece in diversity and cultural competency work. In the film Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible, white men and women speak about overcoming issues of unconscious bias and entitlement.  Designed for dialogue, using this resource in a cultural diversity workshop can create engagement.

Case Study: Read about the role Mirrors of Privilege played in engaging over 1300 teachers in equity efforts in a Washington state school district.

Make the business case for a diversity workshop.

Google believes its future viability depends on eradicating bias in the workplace, read about this here.

Engage an experienced diversity speaker or facilitator.

An experienced facilitator approaches the engagement with respect and compassion for everyone in the room. He or she will take time to “build community” — creating an environment of trust where participants are open to new ideas and relationships. By helping participants understand that they were born into a system of racial inequality that they did not create, a experienced facilitator can support white participants to move past fear, guilt or apathy toward accountability for change.

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