World Trust workshops serve as a compassionate bridge between whites and people of color interested in building a more equitable and democratic way of being together.  Our goal is to help your organization to build the capacity to challenge both the internal and external systems that reinforce racial inequity.

Our programs leverage the power of film and dialogue to educate minds and open hearts. They are designed to tap into the deep human connection we all share to catalyze critical thinking, self-inquiry, transformative learning, healing, and change.

What can happen as a result of a workshop?
A World Trust workshop can change the trajectory of an organization, just as a seemingly small course correction at sea can take a vessel to a completely new destination.  With new understanding, shared connection and deeper listening skills, those present in the workshop are able to continue the conversation and evaluate next steps for the organization.

Shakti Butler and other World Trust facilitators address the unique needs of varied clients. Workshops are generally half-day to two days in length.  Clients ranging from UC Berkeley to the City of Seattle, from the YWCA to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America have hired World Trust to:

  • Break down barriers, initiate communication to deal with ”the elephant in the room”
  • Create a more welcoming, culturally conscious workplace, campus, congregation, or community
  • Initiate efforts to address, transform and build efforts for racial justice
  • Deepen the understanding of how systemic inequity, including unconscious bias, perpetuate inequality.
  • Build leaderships skills
  • Build the collective will for change

Shorter presentations and keynotes that introduce concepts and begin the conversation are also available in person or via Skype.

What makes World Trust seminars effective?
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