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2. Raced in America: White Culture, Privilege and Bias Facilitator’s Guide


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Module 2.2 Raced in America: White Culture, Privilege and Bias Facilitator’s Guide

The purpose of this module is to:

  • Deepen and broaden our understanding of history, culture, power, and economics as propagating white identity formation and spreading the reinforcement of white culture as superior.
  • Learn to recognize and analyze systemic and structural racism.
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Context: Whether conscious or unconscious, most white people have developed ways of existing in the world that demonstrates white culture, its values, and practices as better and superior to those of people of color. The purpose of this module is to support white individuals in identifying interactions that perpetuate and model racist dynamics. Through examining history, watching clips, identifying behaviors, and reflecting on attitudes, participants will identify how the racial status quo exists and learn strategies for understanding and dismantling structuralized paradigms.

Materials: Laptop with Internet access, projector, screen, copies of handouts, paper, pens, 3 easel-size sheets of paper, markers, tape or easels
PowerPoint Presentation: This facilitator’s guide refers to and will support you in using the PowerPoint presentation that accompanies this Racial Equity Learning module.
Handouts referenced in the directions can be found at the end of this Facilitator’s Guide.

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