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About this Film

Our newest film, Healing Justice, explores the causes and consequences of the current North American justice system and its effect on marginalized communities. The film walks back through the history of violence that has led to our current system, bringing into focus the histories of trauma – on a personal, interpersonal, community, and generational level. This powerful documentary addresses the school-to-prison pipeline, the need for comprehensive criminal justice reform, and the importance of healing and restorative practices.  

Designed for dialogue, Healing Justice is meant to prompt questions and open conversations, exploring trauma, justice, and healing:

  • What is justice, really?
  • How do our current structures discount and dehumanize young people of color as well as our poorest and most vulnerable citizens?
  • How does trauma impact us personally and interpersonally, as a community and throughout generations?
  • How do these histories affect who is perceived as a ‘perpetrator’ and a ‘victim’ of violence?
  • From the larger structure of the legal system, to how we treat youth in our communities; what are the alternatives to these models of addressing conflict?
  • How can we address and change the racism embedded in punitive judicial systems?
  • Why is healing on both individual and collective levels so important – and so often overlooked – components of justice?
  • How can restorative practices, such as restorative justice, be used to shift the way we address crime and violence in our communities to produce safer, healthier, thriving communities for all?

For the last 20 years, people have found our films to be effective pathways to building community and capacities for working towards justice and racial equity.

Watching films allow individuals to simultaneously self-reflect and learn while offering a common touchstone for conversations with others to discuss our deepest needs, hopes and strategies for creating a more just world.

As with all World Trust films, Healing Justice comes with a free downloadable conversation guide.

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Who Should Use This Film

This film is an ideal for use in a variety of sectors – education, judicial, law enforcement, philanthropy, government, and nonprofit.

What People are Saying

  • "'Healing Justice' provides the next critical step in the movement to eradicate racial biases within the justice system. It is an interactive tool through which the viewer is presented with the impact of trauma, the challenges of injustice and the possibilities offered by healing strategies. Participants engage in dialogue that inspires new questions and transformative re-visioning of the meaning of justice through learning strategies related to restorative/diversion programs and healing."
    - Jeff Adachi, The Slanted Screen Director and San Francisco Public Defender
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  • "'Healing Justice' is medicine for anyone who craves tangible solutions to mass incarceration, and a clear path to real safety and healing for our communities.
    A must see for anyone who cares about racial justice in America; in these troubling times it is a ray of hope."
    - Vanessa Daniel, Founder and Executive Director, Groundswell
  • "This powerful storytelling illuminates the intersection of trauma and our existing justice system’s power to destroy beloved community.
    Through recognizing how harm dehumanizes both target and tool, 'Healing Justice' invites community into a space of reimagining our opportunity to develop a shared future, grounded in healing and accountability. 'Healing Justice' demystifies notions of trauma being one-sided and reveals the deeper complication of how violation harms both the victim and the offender. By calling us to a deeper version of community, this film asks us to hold healing as a compass to discovering a radical notion of justice: wholeness."

    - Ben McBride, Deputy Director, PICO California
  • "'Healing Justice' delivers an amazingly powerful film experience. I say “experience” because viewers are taken on a journey through history into the hearts and minds of today’s children, youth and adults who are intimately aware of the workings and failings of the American and Canadian Justice systems. The experience of listening to, viewing and reflecting on the authentic stories and insights shared in this film is transformational. I extend my deepest appreciation to Shakti Butler and to all the courageous people in this film. They are making an important contribution to our collective healing, racial healing journey."
    - Gail C. Christopher, D.N., N.D., Founder, Ntianu Center for Healing and Nature & Former Senior Advisor and Vice President, W.K.Kellogg Foundation, Architect, Truth Racial Healing and Transformation (TRHT)
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