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Shakti Butler



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About this Film

DVDs will ship in October 2017.

Coming in fall 2017, our newest film asks America to talk about the causes and consequences of our current system of justice.  The film explores:

  • What is justice, really?
  • Why is healing such an important component of justice?
  • How do our current structures discount and dehumanize young people of color as well as our poorest and most vulnerable citizens?
  • How can we transform our ideas, structures and culture to produce a new story that popularizes the truth of our connected humanity?
  • How can we work towards a vibrant future where belonging, not othering, is the norm – what would that look, sound and feel like?

Designed for dialogue, the film will address the youth-to-prison pipeline, the need for comprehensive criminal justice reform, and will highlight various healing methodologies. We want to support a national dialogue that investigates and considers alternatives to our current punitive model of justice.

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The film will ask participants to consider how history, systemic racism, implicit bias, economics and culture negates the lives and promise of young people, their families and communities. It aims to address the perceptions of vulnerable, traumatized children – the majority of whom so often are seen as proto-criminals but are actually of low risk to society and simply need need to be empowered and protected instead of profiled and punished.

The world is crying out for healing – healing of inequitable actions and of unfair, unjust systems.  And, equally important, the world is crying out for the deep internal healing that allows us to more effectively come together to educate, organize and work towards dreaming and building a world that works for everyone.

At World Trust, for the last 20 plus years, we’ve found our films to be effective pathways to building community and capacities for working towards justice and racial equity. Watching films allow individuals to simultaneously self-reflect and learn while offering a common touchstone for conversations with others to discuss our deepest needs, hopes and strategies for creating a more just world.

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Who Should Use This Film

This film is an ideal for use in a variety of sectors – education, judicial, law enforcement, philanthropy, government, and nonprofit.