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4. Cross Racial Organizing


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Racial Equity Learning Modules: Cross Racial Organizing - Volume 3.4

  • investigating white culture and white cultural thinking
  • learning to see patterns and interrupting habits
  • organizing for intentional change
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“Organizing” or movement building as a process in the United States and many other
places is underscored by Western/white thought patterns. Those patterns or habits of
being and thinking work to maintain the very cycles that the movement wishes to
change. How do we investigate these patterns in order to form alliances and solutions in
a different way, with different results?

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Who Should Use These Materials

Educators & Trainers
Racial Equity Learning Modules are ideal for those who are interested in engaging others in issues of diversity & inclusion, and particularly in exploring and understanding structural racism. These groups might include adult learners in a variety of sectors:

  • Higher education – professors, administrators, and students
  • Government – local, state and federal employees
  • Healthcare providers and administrators
  • Faith-based leaders and their communities
  • K – 12 school communities – parents, teachers, staff and high school students
  • Philanthropy
  • Nonprofit organizations including community-based service and cultural workers.