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3. Building Community in Our Schools


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Module 1.3 Building Community in Our Schools

The purpose of Building Community In Our Schools module is to:

  • To create authentic partnerships among parents, families, teachers, and administrators that lead to success in schools
  • To support the creation of an educational culture that values and leverages the assets that all children possess, including children of color
  • To understand how we, as societal members, become aware of others, their stories, and why they matter
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Building Community In Our Schools includes two core workshops provided by Justice Matters, an educational policy organization located in Oakland, California. The workshops include additional exercises and reflections contributed by World Trust.

“Justice Matters is dedicated to ensuring that education policy is rooted in community vision. As a racial justice movement building organization, we are actively engaged in powerfully amplifying the voices, visions, and values of communities of color. gives us yet another platform to do our work.”  – Olivia Araiza, Executive Director, Justice Matters

All handouts are found within the downloadable Facilitator’s Guide.

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Target audience

This module supports parents, teachers, and administrators through community building exercises that highlight the voices of parents in communities where they have, in the past, been unrecognized and unheard.