Head, Heart and Joy

Joy DeGruy in Crackingthe Codes

I’m sharing this clip from Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequity with all of our World Trust supporters, viewed over 1,200,000 on our YouTube channel. In it, author and professor Joy DeGruy  shares how her sister-in-law’s use of privilege puts an end to an uncomfortable trip to the grocery store.

Cracking the Codes: Understanding the System of Racial Inequity reveals how racial inequity in the U.S. is driven by a system in which personal bias, internalized privilege/oppression and identity play out externally in interpersonal encounters, institutions, policy and law. Cracking the Codes: Understanding a System of Inequity is a film designed for dialogue.  It works to interrupt the self-perpetuating system of inequity at both the internal and external levels by using a head and heart approach to racial equity and diversity education.

As Joy DeGruy says, “To me, there is no separation between the head and the heart.  Racism, social injustice, inequity—all of these things cannot be solved by policy alone.  We can fix the structures in place, but if we don’t look inside ourselves and change our hearts then we’re just putting a band aid on the problem, we’re not really changing the way we think or feel.”


Shakti Butler and the World Trust Team

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