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Why film?

Film has the power to convey framework, ideas and stories that can open minds and facilitate change. Film can make your core message more accessible. We can also show you how to use your film to invite dialogue and promote action.

Case Study: Ella Baker Center and Green for All – Oakland, CA

Van Jones, former President of the Ella Baker Center and Founder of Green for All and his co-founder Ian Kim, were using a Powerpoint presentation to educate people about the importance of linking social justice to the environmental movement.  They made this presentation to people in person and, they did it over and over again. This was not time effective, and their reach was constrained to those who could hear the founders in person. We suggested turning their presentation into a short film to be viewed remotely, in homes, shared on the internet, and at geographically distant events and conferences.  We collaborated on the scope of the project and produced a film that was compelling and cost-effective.  The result was a powerful 12 minute piece called, The New Dream: The 3rd Wave of Environmentalism that leveraged the founders’ time, gave their message more geographic reach, and supported Green For All’s mission of building a green collar movement.

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Case Study: Camp Akili, Leadership Excellence – Oakland, CA

Leadership Excellence is well known in the Bay Area as a community-based, non-profit organization committed to Black youth wellness. For over 20 years, they have helped children, teens and their families transform their lives and their communities through self-awareness and critical thinking. Camp Akili is their nationally recognized program that provides a breakthrough experience for teens ages 14 to 17. This annual, five-day residential camp takes place out of the city. At camp, teens are assigned to “nations” that facilitate peer learning, youth leadership opportunities, and conflict resolution. The teens form strong bonds with each other and their counselors as they experience psychological, emotional, and spiritual healing on such topics as racism, sexism, internalized oppression, institutional oppression and economic disenfranchisement.The young people return to their respective communities ready and able to be positive members and role models for other youth.

The Executive Director of Leadership Excellence requested that we make a film that would capture the powerful transformation that routinely takes place among young people during these retreats.   World Trust’s film crew attended the camp and were blown away by the depth of the work.  We think this short piece reflects the resilience of youth, their capacity for change and the extraordinary commitment of the Leadership staff.  The film shares this compelling alternative for working with youth at risk and enables other youth organizations across that country to benefit from the Leadership Excellence model.

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About the Director of Photography

Rick Butler

Rick Butler is a multiple EMMY award-winning director and cameraman with over 25 years of experience in documentary filmmaking. Butler won an EMMY for his direction of the PBS documentary, The Fillmore. His camera work has supported films for several flagship PBS series: Frontline (e.g. School Colors, 1995), American Experience (e.g. Freedom Riders, 2011), American Masters (e.g. Paul Robeson: Here I Stand, 1998.) Mr. Butler has shot many independent documentary films that have aired on PBS and in general broadcast and educational distribution.  Additionally, Mr. Butler has extensive experience in the corporate and entertainment fields, including direction of several documentary shorts that accompany Pixar films on DVD.  Rick is most interested in and proud of films that contribute to positive social change such as his work on The Color of FearMirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible and a project in progress with activist Van Jones that examines environmental justice, Green Shall Overcome.