World Trust Frequently Asked Questions

What are my options for accessing a World Trust Film?

Purchase a film
You may purchase a film online using your credit or debit card, PayPal account, or via a Purchase Order. Prices for the films and shipping costs vary based on your selections (i.e. type of organization & shipping preference). The prices are specified on the product pages and will be summarized at the checkout page. To purchase our films click here.

Online Streaming
“Mirrors of Privilege” and “Cracking the Codes” are the only films available for online streaming. The cost to stream each film is $4.99 USD. You will be allowed to access the film for up to 30 days after the order has been placed. You may logon to using your order email address, to access the film/s after your order has been placed.

Visit YouTube Online
Several clips from our films are available to view on our YouTube channel

Bring in a Facilitator
You may have someone from our team lead a session for your group or event. If this is something that you’re interested in, please contact our Director of Outreach, Ginny Berson, at [email protected] Our facilitators travel all over the United States and Internationally. Learn more about our facilitators and their incredible impact they have by clicking here.

Do we need to hire a facilitator in order to have a workshop?

Many organizations choose to hire one of our acclaimed facilitators, but each film and curriculum includes a conversation guide with suggested workshop formats. Click here for more information on the facilitators who customize the workshops based on you organizations issues and needs.

I’m having trouble downloading the facilitator’s guide. I don’t know why this happens or what to do about it?

Please email [email protected] for assistance.

Are there internships available at World Trust?

We currently do not have any internship opportunities available. We look for interns as projects arise, and on an as-needed basis. If you’re interested in interning in the future, you may send your resume and a statement of interest for us to keep on file.

Public Performance Rights

If you have purchased the film at the Institutional level, public viewing rights are included. We do allow public screenings of our films if the screening is free of charge, and there are no funds generated from the film screening. We do ask that you cite our contact information. If you give us information for when your screening will be, we may be able to give you a shout out via social media.

The use agreement can be found here:

What Are Streaming Rights?

Streaming Rights grant permission to have the film digitized and uploaded to a password protected server. Streaming Rights are typically purchased by campuses or organizations with multiple users who intend to access & reference the film (often remotely or online) on an ongoing basis.

Streaming Rights is a separate product that may be purchased in addition to the film. You must own a physical DVD copy of the film prior to implementing your Streaming Rights. World Trust does not provide streaming services. Typically, your IT or library will provide streaming services for your organization.

In which format will I receive the Racial Equity Learning Module, on DVD or in digital files?

If you have purchased a complete Racial Equity Learning (REL) volume, you will receive a physical DVD copy of the REL volume via postal mail. If you have purchased individual REL modules, you will receive a link within your order email to access the digital copy of the individual REL modules. *The link is the title of the REL module in underlined dark red text.