What People Are Saying …

“Dr. Butler has a way of educating her audience that is powerful, engaging, and even enchanting. She asks people to think critically but to forgive and to confront confidently. She encourages shifts in paradigms without judgment, rather with intellectual and emotional awareness. We learned that building social justice within our industry requires critical and consistent analysis of a system rather than isolated cogs in the wheel of diversity initiatives. I had a very powerful experience with my colleagues.”

– Anne Burnett, Director of Programs, Nature Bridge, Marin County, CA

“Shakti Butler understands herself as a facilitator. She began by centering the group in its values, recalling us to our best selves. By the time we watched her excellent film, the group was prepared to be open to new ways of thinking, higher levels of hope, and greater depths of trust.  While I experienced a sense of confession and awareness of complicity in a larger system of oppression, I did not leave with the paralysis of guilt. Rather, through talking with my small group of humble, creative, and soulful white people, I left the day hopeful.”

– Rev. Jake Morrill, Oak Ridge Unitarian Universalist Church, Tennessee

“What I think is most notable are the many conversations that your presentation initiated and that we all observed going on at meals and during breaks for the rest of the session. You made an impact that will last far beyond this session.”

– Hoke Simpson, President, The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges

“Shakti Butler is a master of helping people look deeply into themselves to reflect and excavate what we’d rather not see. She brings such compassion and humility to her work.”

– Marcia Rayen, Workshop Participant

The audience participants raved about both the content and the conditions that Ms. Butler created for the exploration and analysis of these often-taboo topics.”

– Dr. Melanie Tervalon, Consultant Children’s Hospital, Oakland; University of California, Berkeley

“Our seminar with Dr. Butler was without a doubt the highlight for us this year.  We were incredibly moved and impressed by her work, and it has already had a big impact on our everyday work.  We now have a deeper understanding of ourselves and the people we serve. She opened up so much for us….”

Lessy Benedith, Director, St. Vincent DePaul Society

“Dr. Butler’s keynote was fun, energetic, thought provoking and easily accessible. She has the ability to engage everyone in the audience. They were excited, crying, thinking/processing and still talking long after the keynote was over. It was what we needed at the conference — a balanced diet of intelligence, community, youthful energy, love and action.”

Eddie Moore, Jr., Founder & Director, White Privilege Conference

“On behalf of the forty-five American Red Cross paid and volunteer staff who participated in The Way Home Workshop, thank you, thank you, thank you! Back at the office, participants have been enthusiastically sharing their experiences of the workshop… we would like to invite you back to offer the workshop again.”

– Suzy Thorman, Manager of Training and Staff Development, American Red Cross, Bay Area Chapter

“Thank you once again for the outstanding presentation and workshop that you provided for students, faculty and staff. As one student stated, ‘What a fabulous, emotional day! Thank you.’ Your presentation and workshop evaluations are excellent!”

– Isa D. Williams, Ph.D., Program Director, The Atlanta Semester Agnes Scott College