Curricula Testimonials

“This learning material helps you find a place to start, the conversation is so hard to have, Racial Equity Learning allows you to begin the scary conversation about race and equity. It should be required learning in K-12 and college curriculum.”

– Elisabeth Garcia Davidson, Portland Community College

“Explains root causes and other contributors to disparities in a way that is easy for many different types of people to digest. I love the video clips and the reflection exercises.”

– Eva Marie Shivers, Indigo Cultural CenterĀ 

“Sometimes we struggle with the angle to approach difficult conversations about race and equity, REL served as a great resource and an excellent frame for the conversation. It helps to advance what we are all hoping to achieve.”

– Sara Chang, Boston Public Health Commission

“The material focuses on institutionalized racism, which is the hardest to explain to students – as I tell them often, you, personally don’t ever have to discriminate or think prejudiced thoughts for there to still be racism in our culture.”

– Anne Hastings, UNC-Chapel Hill