Now is Not the Right Time to Speak

Thank you to everyone who made our SOLD OUT Chicago premiere a success!  Special thanks to our co-sponsor DePaul University for making this event possible.  Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequity will continue its multi-city tour through Boston, October 23rd and 24th and Oakland, November 8th,

In honor of our success in Chicago we are releasing a new clip from the film Cracking the Codes featuring Aeeshah Clottey, Co-Founder of Attitudinal Health Connection.  This clip will be featured in the external relationships section of the film which examines the interpersonal, institutional, and structural systems in place.

Shakti Butler, film Director and Producer says, “We are thrilled Aeeshah was able to collaborate with World Trust on Cracking the Codes.  As Co-Founder of Attitudinal Healing Connection in West Oakland, her missions is to build peaceful, loving communities through creative and educational programs.  Her skills in personal development, community leadership and the arts brings a fresh perspective into the film and her sense of humor brings joy.”