Seminar Formats

All seminars are tailored to address your goals.  All seminars are facilitated by Dr. Butler and use World Trust documentary films as the basis for learning and dialogue about privilege and oppression.    Presentation length and content is flexible, here are some example formats:

  • 90 Minutes – A brief context introduces a video clip and is followed by a short dialogue, and sometimes a Q&A session.  Brief presentations (90 minutes or less) can be presented via Skype video conferencing.
  • Half Day – A strong experiential context creates an environment for showing a film in sections. Rounds of critical self-inquiry, writing in journals and small group work accompany the viewing. The program is designed to unearth embedded assumptions, elicit new questions and create potentials for transformative learning and dialogue. The presentation ends with a general conversation and praxis, followed by a brief Q&A session.
  • Full Day – This full day workshop deepens the potential for transformative learning, dialogue, healing, and change. It is a day of focused exploration that invites participants to constructively face internalized oppression through the lens of race. Other creative strategies are used in order to maximize learning, healing, and opportunities for new behavior.
  • Retreats of two days or more are designed to meet specific goals of your organization.  We collaborate with you on design and delivery.

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