The System of Inequity

World Trust’s holistic frame shows the continual interaction between the internal (personal) and external (interpersonal, System of Inequity Graphic CTCstructural/institutional) manifestations of bias.  This self-perpetuating system must be interrupted at both the internal and external levels for lasting change to occur. The importance of continual self-work to understand and heal one’s own internalized privilege/oppression is integral to the ability of scholars and change makers to analyze and dismantle systemic inequity.  We offer this frame to support personal insight and renewal as well as to build capacity to analyze inequity in policy, law and institutions such as education, health care, corporations and the judicial system.

Our culture avoids identifying and analyzing the policies and arrangements that perpetuate inequity.  World Trust seeks to support, both intellectually and spiritually, those who are addressing what the Aspen Institute Roundtable on Community Change calls, “… the subtler, racialized patterns in policies and practices… that generate differences in well being.”